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Madonna Pre-Fame Photographs Deborah Feingold

© deborah feingold photography Madonna 1983 The Lollipop Shoot Featured in my MUSIC Book Print Inquiries welcome.

Madonna, Bad Girl -, UK, Promo, Deleted, poster, , , 48876

Bad girl drunk by six Kissing someone else's lips Smoked too many cigarettes today I'm not happy when I act this way

Madonna's Most Iconic Looks Ever - 1990 from #InStyle  "Madonna doesn't take on trends, she creates them" - hairstlyist Andy LeCompte  Madonnas collaboration with French courturier Jean Paul Gaultier has resulted in many iconic looks throughout the years. The famous cone bra look put both Madonna and Gaultier on the map. It is an example of how one look can catapult your popularity as an artist.

Madonna's Most Iconic Looks Ever

Regardless of the era...80's to present, Madonna Rules the Style Kingdom!

Madonna was a huge fashion icon during the She was very comfortable with her sexuality but always changed her look from one thing to the next.

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"some witch steals my clothes" quote from madonna from the movie desperately seeking susan 1985

Madonna - 1986 - Photo by Herb Ritts, cette année là, deux stars sont nées : Mélanie et Rafa !!!

Madonna - 1986 - Photo by Herb Ritts, cette année là, deux stars sont nées…

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The Evolution Of The Oscar Couple

Which Madonna era are you?

Which Madonna era are you?

Madonna Fashion Icon and Queen of pops. Madonna will leave with us her timeless style and her contribution to iconic fashion influence.

Madonna photographed by Steven Meisel in 1991

Madonna and Meisel pay homage to the greatest blonde icon Marilyn Monroe in this shoot for the April 1991 issue of Vanity Fair, recreating photos of Marilyn by photographers Cecil Beaton, Richard A…

les mille vies de madonna 21

Les mille vies de Madonna

Wallpaper and background photos of Madonna "Herb Ritts Session" for fans of Madonna images.