Mackenzie Foy, Actress: Interstellar. Mackenzie Christine Foy was born 10 November, 2000. She began her career as a child model in 2004, working for Garnet Hill, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Guess Kids. She has also modeled in print ads for companies such as Rubbermaid, Jones Apparel Group,The Walt Disney Company, Mattel, Target Corporation, Talbots, Guess and Gap. Foy has appeared in many commercials as well, including Burger King, Kohl's,...

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Mackenzie Foy as Dru Blackthorn

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Mackenzie Foy, 2014, Photo shoot for INTERSTELLAR

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Mackenzie Foy should be Jody Lynn Downey from Levy Jupiter Kincaid series

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Charlie is your character's latest foster child. You weren't told much about her past, but she's confident she will be going back to her parents. (Keep it clean.)

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mackenzie foy

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Mackenzie Foy

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2016headshot.png Pulsa en la imagen para cerrar la ventana

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Pyper|| I get dropped off by the school bus and march right inside, slamming the door shut, and running upstairs to my room. Some kid at my school that would bully me told me that it was all a lie. Mommy never went to Paris and she was never coming home. He told me she shot herself. I bury myself in stuffed animals and blankets. Not only was I sad and mad, I was in pain cause everyone was pushing me around, saying it was my fault. "Pyper?" I hear you knock on my door. I dont respond.

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mackenzie foy she´s so beautiful, more than before.

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