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Discipline, not punishment: creating a personal improvement plan for a troubled kid

YES! Children are capable of learning so much and being great problem solvers even at a very young age!

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Parenting // Discipline Less + Understand More.  This is brilliant.  By Carol Tuttle found on

Parenting // Discipline Less + Understand More

Parenting // Discipline Less + Understand More. This is brilliant. By Carol Tuttle found on

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Gentle parenting is firm, fair, loving, and a safe place for children to communicate their feelings.

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Literally the most rewarding feeling. Not having my kids cower away from me when something goes wrong tells me that I'm doing it right.

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder Strategies

I'm not to sure about this as a child's time out...perhaps before the need for a timeout...or when u see another child having a melt down. Though I do agree in directing and teaching kids this is how to give yourself a time out...but don't know that it would work in this age group. ....been there done more. Original pin"Love this, because time out never works!"

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Tips for getting through the day screen free from Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids

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Perfect love casts out fear! - ThatNewCrunchyMom More

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Robot Check

Being a peaceful parent begins with making peace with our past, our hurts, our own unmet needs so we can fully grow up into healthy adults ourselves and then raise our children into the peaceful, healthy adults we want them to be. <3 L.R.Knost

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Peaceful Parenting: One Day At a Time

Peaceful Parenting: Building a Peaceful Home one day at a time #kbn #positiveparenting

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Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting... Dr. Laura Markham

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Do You React or Respond to Your Kids?

Examples of how we react vs. respond to our kids. This is awesome parenting advice for curating your words!

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Time-In Discipline

What? Yeah, these emotions are they are not getting what they want. They want the parents to respond by getting them what they want. Who writes this BS?

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All their memories begin with you. #momlife #family #holidays #love

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Parenting without Saying No

Click for a high-quality download to alternatives to saying no to kids even when disciplining

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Peaceful parenting, gentle parenting, attachment parenting, meeting baby's needs

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When kids gets lost: equipping them to find their parents in public

How to prepare your kids to know what to do in case they get lost in public #FamilyMovieWithKleenex ad

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