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What we were thinking is, what if we steered away from the bug, but focused on the light aspect of our logo and the two incredibly passionate inspirational words that make up our name. "Fire" & "fly" Fire inspires passion and fierceness, and fly evokes a sense of wanderlust, and freedom. I believe that those words are a part of our branding and actually speak to who we are. We just aren't currently communicating that well. Perhaps if fly was legible but took flight?

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This kind of water colour effect as a paw behind? More

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Rocket Design Studio

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I enjoyed how the name was incorporated into the logo literally, because you can distinguish the tea and the tiny house. (logo design)

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This is similar to what you did with the box. I like the feel of this, the whole image points to the same thing.

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heart 1 I've heard this is a great company self branding… More

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Inspired by the company's coastal routes, Art & Soul needed a fun and creative brand that helped promote their dynamic art courses. #logo #branding #design

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This is really cool! Definitely my favourite. Like how it is bright. BRIGHT colours. Like the font. Like that it would work well on stickers and t-shirts etc.

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the absence of one letter being created through the manipulation of the second letter is visually interesting and unique

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