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Liv Tyler by Piermarco Menini - 1995

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Liv Tyler at a photo shoot for the July issue of the magazine «Red». Taken in April 2014. Photo by: Matthew Brookes

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Liv Tyler hair time for a flat iron very often. Make my wavy hair work FOR me not against me!

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New York City

Liv Tyler is such a natural beauty.

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cancer makeup

i think i find Liv Tyler so beautiful because her facial structure is similar to my own to the point that I actually have a chance to emulate the way she looks in regards to make-up and hair application. it's feasible! Also, I think starkly contrasting features (hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, lips) against fair skin is very attractive.

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Liv...LAX-JFK 1 hour in lav giving herself a facial...very sweet girl

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Liv Tyler played in all of the Lord of the Rings movies, Armagedon, The Incredible Hulk, Dr. T & the Women, etc...

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Muse: Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler More

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Liv Tyler aka Arwen. # Believe in Tupac Liv Tyler: No hope on you Irawaen? Hatake: Marah betul bibir(I'm aragorn but Justin biebier) Song Da Hae: I'm live with Takuya KImura(jealous)

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Live Tyler in Sassy Magazine (in heinous baby T, how did we think those looked cute)

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