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Lindsay Lohan (United States)

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lindsay lohan; I don't care if she's a mess, I still think she's beautiful and I loved her in Georgia Rule

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Lindsay Lohan Red Hair Flash. What happened to Lindsay? She was so pretty here. She should have never messed with her pretty face. Shame.

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Lindsay Lohan Lookbook

Lindsay Lohan....When she was stunningly gorgeous!

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Lindsay Lohan circa red hair years

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Lindsay Lohan when she was super cute and the hottest thing to happen to “Mean Girls.”

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Lindsay Lohan used to be so gorgeous. Drugs: not even once.

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there's no denying that she's gorgeous.

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women flipping the bird | lindsay lohan flipping the freckled bird leann rimes sitting on

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25 Good Ol Disney Girls Gone Bad! - Page 21 of 25

25 Good Ol Disney Girls Gone Bad! - Page 21 of 25 …

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