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Liam James Payne❤️ #LiamPayne #OneDirection #1DForever

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Liam James Payne our hero out in LA recently

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Zen Liam. Repost from : @onedirectionworld

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You're not getting the point.... It’s Liam that's hot...not the outfit

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Liam James Payne

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It's Ur Fault so u can't say Anything

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Liam James (Young Shaun on PSYCH also in The Way Way Back)

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Liam James on His Breakout Role in Sundance Comedy 'The Way, Way Back'

Liam James on His Breakout Performance in 'The Way, Way Back.' This was a brilliant movie, and the kid I came to adore from "Psych" did an amazing job as the lead.

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if you don't love Liam... you are 100% lying because he is the sweetest little thing in the whole world

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