Clarke is a horndog, but Lexa doesn’t mind

one time to post a freaky clothed picture of two of us either alone or with the other members of Lamia Mundi, but you must get my explicit permission first. For all women in Lamia Mundi

"Waking in the morning to see my love next to me is the best feeling ever."  <3 love like that...

I wanna be able to wake up with my girlfriend every morning like this but noooo apparently I'm too young to do that.

Converse | Converse – Pride Rainbow – Gesprenkelte Chuck Taylor Sneakers

"I would love these shoes!" Converse Pride Rainbow Speckle Chuck Taylor Trainers oMG those shoes are SO gaaaay

I'm pan, ace, and I don't even wanna be pregnant. The chances are slim.

Period, period leave my place. I don't need you I am Ace. period, period stay close by.

I still remember bunny.  It was like looking in a mirror.  Two halfs of the same thing.  And i loved you.  O God did i love YOU.  Every moment I cherish.

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I wish someone would kiss me like that.

This is how you kiss me everytime! Oh how I can't wait till your home. Your Babygirl loves you and I will soon be kissing you and caressing you too. Falling asleep in your arms. Waking to your kiss, smile and , I love you my Beautiful Babygirl.

I love how playful this is, reminds me of the time you sat on my lap in the kitchen one day. Sure, our relationship might have been crazy looking back on what we did, but I still have some of the best memories from those times...

An Editorial Beyond Loveworthy: The Way You Are - Elle Taiwan July 2012

Elle Taiwan July 2012 Ph: David Burton, Model: Abby Brothers and her husband Nuge pro skateboarder. Love her style

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I always think of my ex GF ik I'm in love with her but she is tooken and I can't have her back i hate this I cry every time or day I think of them together but ik she is probably more happy with him so I leave her alone about it 😥😥😥😥