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doromon: “ Legend of Korra doodles. I watched the first two episodes. It is so fantastic I could not not draw fanart xDD Also, Mako is hot. >w> Referenced the tai chi poses (that’s the martial art...

It's great knowing that even though Korra and Asami started dating, Mako is still just really good friends with them.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Tenzin, Kai and Jinora

The first attempt at drawing Azula by supervising producer on The Legend of Korra and storyboarder on both AVATAR series Lauren Montgomery. “This was the first Azula attempt. She's a little wonky wich is mostly only apparent when she is flipped over. Just don't look at her in a mirror. Please.”

The Legend of Korra. The Krew. All of them together, my little darlings.

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