Oh, Always fear the monochrome, For he can see you in your own home.

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Laughing Jack

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Laughing Jack. I honestly feel really bad for him, if you've watched his origin story on YouTube, you can totally tell that Jack just wanted to play and have a friend.

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those times when you see a hot picture and start nosebleeding in the middle of class...

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laughing jack, two faces by NENEBUBBLEELOVER on DeviantArt

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Fade To Black

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Laughing Jack - Creepypasta

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♥Laughing Jack♥ hahahah sorry. Laughing Jack is usually one the creepiest for me and now...

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Lauhing Jack: The meme. by CrazyHermine on DeviantArt

Lauhing Jack: The meme. by CrazyHermine on DeviantArt

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Foolish jack<<<I don't understand I need to read his story

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