Laptop stand

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Stood - Accessories and Laptop Stands made of Wood
Head and Shoulders: Working at a computer without a proper ergonomic setup is a real pain. I boosted Sullivan’s laptop on a tiered shelf (it creates storage and acts as a stand to raise the screen to eye level) and added Apple’s sleek trackpad (it allows for all the same hand gestures as the laptop) and wireless keyboard for more comfortable typing.
The Mobile AirDesk is a great gift idea for those who spent endless hours in front of their laptop screen. #wooden #laptop #stand
Cardboard slotted laptop stand. Very creative and environmental friendly.
This laptop stand has caster wheels that allows you to use the laptop stand in the bedroom or in the lounge, or even outdoors.
Adjustable/Portable Multiple angle Stand for Apple MacBook
Folding Wooden Desktop Stand for Tablets iPad Macbook Air or Pro
Bamboo laptop stand
Made completely out of cardboard, with a useful organizer that is hidden by the laptop (perfect for storing all those cables and stuff you need while on the computer).
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