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She left with her head held high with her son with only their clothing..and she rebuilt herself. Again and Again.
Vikings S3 Katheryn Wiinnick as "Lagertha"
“She is not like my gods. My gods….are as real as you and me. They laugh. They bleed. They rush around the skies” — Lagertha Sylph (Valkyrie) - air elemental

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

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Lagertha (She reminds me of my best friend)

History Renews Vikings for Season 4

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Fierce feisty and female! True grit...just love this character - no rescue needed!!! Lagertha. The Vikings. I LOVE me some Lagertha! Kathryn Winnick plays her so well! I was inspired to create a legendary queen in the novels dynasty who led an army to take back her throne.