Australian Shepherd puppy

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

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Caption said lab, but this pup has the beautiful weimeraner coloring. This type of lab gets that all the time! It's actually a silver lab, it's a new color that's been introduced to the breed but has yet to be identified with the akc!

Keep pets warm with the gift of love by donating blankets to animal shelters in your area.

Keep Pets Warm with the Gift of Love: Donating Blankets to Pets

The world can be split into two kinds of people: Cat People and Dog People - but which kind are you? Take the quiz to find out!

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woodlark: “ ISETAN GLOBAL GREEN 2012 ”

love how this has the vibe of a lab, growing plants. definitely links with controlling love, maybe they dont have petals in them just a colour? or pills? petals could be used else where.

All the cutest I will need to make it through the next couple months in one post ❤️

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Funny pictures about This Dog Truly Loves Snow. Oh, and cool pics about This Dog Truly Loves Snow. Also, This Dog Truly Loves Snow photos.