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The Mütter Museum is located in Philadelphia, PA. It contains a collection of medical oddities, anatomical and pathological specimens, wax models, and antique medical equipment. http://www.collegeofphysicians.org/mutter-museum/

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coooooolll Mütter Museum of Medical Oddities in Philadelphia.

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Medicine Chest / Forensics Kit from the 1800s

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Quintuple skull

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Deformed Eyes....they are actually kinda pretty and remind me of demons

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The Pupula duplex is a medical oddity that is characterized by having two irises/ pupils in each eyeball.

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Illustration from the Medical Officer journal to promote better public health. At the time, flies were held responsible for contaminating food and spreading diseases such as tuberculosis and anti-fly campaigns were held across Britain, Australia, and the United States. (1920)

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Leech Jar LOVE IT!!! Leech crawling on the lid of the leech jar at the Apothecary Shop. Devices used for the medical practice of bleeding are in the foreground. 18th Century scene at historic Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia. Photo by David M. Doody. #apothecary

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The Two-Headed Boy from Bengal on http://www.cultofweird.com

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Plague Doctor's Mask from around 1700. German Museum of Medical History in Ingolstadt.

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