Medical Nanobots are part of an emerging technology that hopes to use microscopic robots to travel inside the human body to collect information and make minor repairs.
Hope in a Glove for Parkinson’s Patients:  A wearable device promises to help steady hand tremors by using an old technology—gyroscopes.

How the GyroGlove Steadies Hands of Parkinson’s Patients

Next stage for 3D printing: custom sized and shaped 3D heart implants.

3D Heart Implants: Artificial Heart Printed To Order

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Spray-on Skin Offers Fast Healing for Burns    ReCell technology uses a postage stamp-sized piece of skin to create spray-on that can cover a page's-worth of burned skin.
The VISUSCOUT 100 delivers practical, high quality imaging for detection and…
Migraine sufferer banishes crippling headaches using hi-tech headband which emits electrical pulses to the brain.

Silver headband taps into the brain to banish migraines

Real Life Version Of X-Ray Glasses that Can See Through Your Skin

This Real Life Version Of X-Ray Glasses Can See Through Your Skin

A Look At Medical Technology Infographic

A Look At Medical Technology Infographic

Medical technology on your phone.. Yes that is an Xray of their hand..