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#Jeremy <3 from you're beautiful :) awwwn I'll never have enough of Jeremy happiness & loveliness

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:) Korean drama That could be said for a lot of shows I watch

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Yesss this sooo me when it comes to my not disturb me for ANYTHING!!!

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Right now our of all these, just Angel Eyes. But I love the guy who is in Doctor Stranger! Maybe I will start that one...

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JEREMY!!!! Love this scene it was soo funny

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The many looks of Jeremy

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In You're Beautiful - when ever saw her do the pig nose i would smile because it showed that she really liked him

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Tae Kyung (JGS) and Piggy-Bunny... just 'cause. ^_^ <3 {GIF}

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That moment you realize you no longer watch English tv ^.^

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Community Post: 21 Vital Elements Of A Fun, Super Addicting Korean Drama

First Shop Coffee Prince :)

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