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Mistborn is on this, so it must have other good ones

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Paranormal Romance: Bite Of A Vampire (Book 1) by [Belsky, Anna]

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100 jobs for fantasy characters.

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Raven’s Shadow by Anthony Ryan: hero’s journey with a compelling bit of world-building and enough action and adventure to keep you completely hooked. Follow the adventures of Vaelin al Sorna as he weaves his way from his apprentice training in the harsh military “Sixth Order” to worldwide renown as the fearsome “Hope Killer.”

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fantasy and fairy tales for cold winter nights

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Hands down best books I've read in a while! I know there are mixed reviews and you will probly either love it or hate it but I think the plot is great, the characters have depth and even though I love romance fantasy, I appreciate that love is NOT in the least bit the focal point of this series.

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The BirthRight Trilogy Boxed Set: An Epic Fantasy Romance…

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11 Of The Best Fantasy Series You've Probably Never Heard Of (bit of a pretentious title, but a good reminder for novel series)

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Review for "Ink and Bone" - Reading to Distraction

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Review of Winter Wolf

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