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The librarians; tnt

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John Kim (Ezekial Jones), Christian Kane (Jacob Stone), Rebecca Romijn (Eve Baird), Lindy Booth (Cassandra Cillian) & John Laroquette (Jenkins) - The Librarian's and the Apple of Discord- screen cap

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The List List #41

Literary Puns illustrations by Timothy Leo Taranto 2

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Lol.......i saw this and thought of my mom of course......then I laughed because I remembered I'm a librarian now too....I forgot. I've been to busy being a tech teacher.

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Public Librarian poster via Centered Librarian...

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Library humor---so help me, he would be on the ground screaming for his mommy so one does that to my books

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Community Post: 10 Reasons To Be Excited About 'The Librarians'

Knihovníci (The Librarians) z roku 2014... Noah Wyle is back as Flynn Carsen.

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