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Kingdom: In the #Kingdom ~ The Knight's Oath.

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Kill body's! !!!!!!

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a black day

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The Code of Chivalry followed by the Royal Lion Corps of Bladarion.

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Lived this way for many years and did not even know it was a Templars oath and creed... you don't have to be a Templar to live by that oath... a good way to look at things...

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Knights Templar: #Knightly Orders.

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This perfect image of a knight kneeling down bearing the holy cross perfectly represents the type of society present during the middle ages and the Canterbury Tales.

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The Latin Rule was specific codes for the Templar Order. Its 72 clauses defined the ideal behaviour for the Knights, such as the types of garments they were to wear and how to eat. As the Order grew, more guidelines were added, and the original list of 72 clauses was expanded to several hundred in its final form. Some of my family were these knights.

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Cruel But Fair: Knights Templar Images: Crusaders who liberated the Holy Land from Islam

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