"Kiss the hell out of me. Please."

60 Love Quotes That Help You Tell Him EVERYTHING You Truly Feel

Kissing the one we love brings out joyful emotions that make us feel complete and happy. If you're looking for some inspiration kiss quotes, these romantic quotes will help you express how kissing makes you

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As I want your lips on mine every minute, hour, second, and just forever my beautiful Queen Victoria love you unconditionally for you are my heart and soul.

His kisses<3 I never knew it was possible for a kiss to be and feel that good. When he kisses me the way he does, I melt.

"At a mile a minute my heart beats to the limit when I'm with you. So, kiss me again, underneath the moonlight. Hold me, feel my heartbeat. And kiss me again.

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Love quote idea - "Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars." Ed Sheeran love lyrics {Courtesy of Etsy} [ "\"Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud\" Photographic Prints by ellyblease

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