Kilroy Was Here...

It surprises me, how little people know of this Kilroy, my father told me about him when I was young and I leave it on jobs sites I travel to<<<I've never heard of this😂

Please help me bring Kilroy, a grafitti character from WWII, back! Please re-pin, and post anywhere you can figure out how to! thanks!!!

You never knew where you were going to see this! Everyone could draw Kilroy!

What's the Origin of "Kilroy Was Here"? Read more:

What's the Origin of "Kilroy Was Here"?

Rock Painting Idea - Kilroy Was Here - Washington DC WWII Memorial - Kilroy was here - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Kilroy was here is an American popular culture...

“ urulokid: “ ultrafacts: “ Kilroy was here is an American popular culture expression that became popular during World War II; it is typically seen in graffiti. Its origins are debated, but.

Resultado de imagen para kilroy was here graffiti

Resultado de imagen para kilroy was here graffiti

Did You Know "Kilroy was Here" Can Be Found On National WWII Memorial In Washington? -

A little comic relief really does work to calm the nerves and reduce tension. A welcome and a nod can make a new and frightening place seem for just one se

Kilroy Was Here two piece collectors patch. Helmet is a Team Wendy Exfil Carbon and the plate carrier is a Tactical Tailor Fight Light #Kilroy #Kilroywashere

The Kilroy Patch is world's first interlocking morale patch and can be displayed or worn independently of the "Kilroy Was Here" portion.

Kilroy Was Here: How a Graffiti Cartoon Bolstered the Troops of WWII

The doodles, etchings, and paintings left by soldiers during wartime are a distinct subgenre of graffiti. The most well known example is “Kilroy was here,”.

Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel Story of “Kilroy was here” pdoggbiker

Kilroy was Here Vintage Metal Sign- Kilroy was Here Vintage Metal Sign Kilroy was Here Vintage Metal Sign This Kilroy was Here vintage metal sign measures 14 inches by 8 inches and weighs in at 1 lb(s). This vintage metal sign is hand made in the USA

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America: What? He’s cute. 'Kilroy was here' along with a doodle of a big nosed man peaking over a wall  is what American WW2 GIs would graffiti on buildings to let there presence be know. The English had there own graffiti who was dubbed Mr. Chad. ( I don't know what he looks like)

Kilroy was basically the first meme ever. Soldiers would put it all over the place during Kilroy was a long-nosed man peering over a wall, always captioned "Kilroy was here". mum taught me how to draw him.

Chad was everywhere when I was a kid. Would be nice to have a Chad "Wot No" revival !