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Happy birthday Kian love you so much

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He looks like an adorable child

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He admitted to whitening his teeth in this picture

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Kian Lawley (@KianLawley) | Twitter

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Sieh dir dieses Instagram-Foto von @kianlawley an • Gefällt 282.7 Tsd. Mal

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kian lawley, tattoo, and youtuber image

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Jaxson...I'm officially breaking up with you....I'm in love with someone else.... ((Kian))

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•KIAN LAWLEY• "hey, I'm Kian. I'm 20. Third year in college. I'm majoring in film making. I love everything about it. Im single. Come say hi."

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[fc: kian lawley] "hey, I'm kian. I'm 19 and single. I'm a YouTuber, and I have two sisters and one brother, hurt them and you'll have to deal with me" I smile "anyways um... Introduce?"

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::::kian:::: "hey... Im Mason. Im 18. Single. Which may stay that way. But idk. Im addicted to drinking and sex. So im fine with hooking up" i smirk "oh yeah and i like to party"

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Closed with Ashley and Kian) I hadn't told anyone but after my dad had came around I was pretty startled, you knew that far. What you didn't know is I had gone back to a bad habit I had, smoking, I was getting scared and stressed again so I go out back, where I was most likely to be alone and I light one. I was smoking it when you walk out. You see me and....

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kian lawley, guy, hot image

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