Aon Celtic Art - want this knot for my next tattoo

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Celtic Knot. Mehr

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tree of life tattoo designs | eviltattoo com lovetat1 html here s a tree of life

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The Kirkburn Sword. Iron Age, 300-200 BC. From a burial at Kirkburn, East Yorkshire, England. Proabably the finest Iron Age sword in Europe. At this time in the Iron Age (300-200 BC) few people were buried in graves when they died. However, East Yorkshire was an exception and this sword was found in a grave excavated by British Museum archaeologists in 1987. The sword was found in Grave 3. It was buried with a man who was in his late 20s or early 30s when he died. The British Museum.

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It was my first time in one Finnish "iron age fair", so i wanted to make quite flashy dining gear for my own use in that place. Probably quite bling pieces compared to simple wooden spoons, what yo...

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How to Draw a Celtic Clover Knot

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Book of Kells in Wood - Wall Hanging illuminated letter (A) feminine setting

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St Patrick's Day - Trinity Knot Celtic Cross

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Triple Celtic knot Heart by ~Dinayarose on deviantART

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# Celtic swords. Celtic museum in Hallein (Salzburg).

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