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Morrigan (Morrigu) - with her sisters Badb and Macha, she forms a triad of war goddesses; she fortells the outcome of all battles, and is considered the witch queen of death

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Sidhe Irská Keltská Mytologie

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The Morrigan is ‘The Phantom Queen’ of Irish Celtic legend

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The Morrigan... I love this! Absolutely beautiful!

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Unseelie Court, Night or Dark Fae, are lead by Queen Maeve or Mab and the Erlking. Their symbol is the seven-pointed star,

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Curiosity Did Kill The Cat by ChrisDayo on deviantART

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✯ Morrigan ✯

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The Morrigan Goddess

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Banshee, one of the most dreaded and best known of the Irish faeries is the Banshee, properly named the Beansidhe literally, "woman fairy." She visits a household and by wailing she warns them that a member of their family is about to die. When a Banshee is caught, she is obliged to tell the name of the doomed.

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Rhiannon and Celtic Horse Card by Briar Welsh Celtic Epona Goddess Greeting Card

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