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Marvel x Doctor Who - Jack Harkness meets Steve and Bucky

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Doctor Who Challenge Day 16. Favorite Actor: besides David Tennant, John Barrowman! Ahh, he is so incredible! And just so funny ;)

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"Captain Jack Harkness"... Please don't stop it.

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Captain Jack Harkness everybody! Me and my BFF always say STOP IT! like 10 in everyday conversations

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John Barrowman/Jack Harkness <3 <--- that's CAPTAIN Jack Harkness, thank you very much.

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I do need this. Oh, but imagine if he met River! They'd be flirting all over the TARDIS and the Doctor would get jealous and start yelling "Stop it you two!" and being all sulky

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I know exactly what Jack is thinking and its very naughty, Jack you naughty, naughty boy lol

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No ok so I've always that that it's because the TARDIS translates things so the companions can understand it, so it just takes into account the companion's accent. But Jack is already speaking in the same language, so they don't even worry about it and just let him speak American. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

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That awkward moment when you realize you're Captain Jack Harkness...

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Captain Jack Harkness, doctor who/pirates of the Caribbean crossover

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