I despise "justgirlythings". I find it to be extremely sexist and I don't often repin them. :/ HOWEVER THIS ONE IS RELEVANT. BUT THIS IS RELATABLE TO BOYS TOO, I'M SURE :)

the moment you finish a good book and have to return to reality it sucks.and thats why I re-read them!

Boom! I am most definitely girly. No doubt about it.

15 Amazing Dorm Room Pictures That Will Make You Excited For College

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being completely fine with sitting on the computer and relaxing all day long

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Being Completely Fine With Sitting On The Computer & relaxing All Day Long -Just Girly Things

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sliding across the floor in your socks. little reasons to smile.

i always thought it was 10:10..maybe thats why my wishes never came trueXD

I always wish for my dad to live a long, healthy, happy life where he is financially stable and physically stable.

Side braid-Loosen/pancake-Sleep-Wear hair in braid for the day-Sleep In braid-Undo braid for day time!Waves

I always have my sister French Braid my hair and do that but it always ends up in a ponytail anyway