Actress Julie Christie, who starred in such classic movies as Dr. Zhivago, Heaven Can Wait, and Shampoo, was born Apr. 14, 1941.

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Julie Christie. My daughter is named Lara, for Julie Christie's role in "Dr. Zhivago"....or so I thought, my Lara asked her dad recently if she was named for Super Man's mother instead, he smiled, large.

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Julie Christie, winner of the Best Actress Oscar (Darling, 1965). She has won the Academy, Golden Globe, BAFTA & Screen Actors Guild Awards. She also starred in Doctor Zhivago, 1965.

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Julie Christie in Dr Zhivago

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Julie Christie rocks 72

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Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago

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#Sixties | Julie Christie

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PlanetBarberella's Bipolar express: Julie Christie....makes me go misty (I know...that damn song)

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