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"The only way we could ever love like Him is if we realize how much He loves us." -Judah Smith []

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Sometimes our brains are our own worst enemies, because grace isn’t logical. — Judah Smith.

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I am amazing Art Print


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How's Your Soul?: Why Everything that Matters Starts with the Inside You: Judah Smith: 9780718039172: Books

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Judah Smith

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Jesus Is ____

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#shereadstruth #instagram Photo by elleizahbeth

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"God's love is so extravagant and inexplicable that He loved us before we were us." -Judah Smith

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Be the same person privately, publicly, and personally. - Judah Smith (Anything less is hypocrisy. Fake people)

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Jesus is ____. How would you finish that sentence? Judah Smith shows us the Jesus that somber paintings and hymns fail to capture. With passion, humor, and conviction, he shows that Jesus is life. $16.99

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-Judah Smith, Jesus Is___

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Judah Smith (@judahsmith) | Twitter

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Judah Smith - Hosea and Gomer - Spoken Word - YouTube

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Love Week 1 #lifechurchtv

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Life Is _____.: God's Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence by Judah Smith

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Judah Smith - "Don't allow the opinions of other people to shape your concept of him. Get to know...". god, opinions

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A hunter won't go for a dead animal on the ground but the healthy one that's flying. (from Pastor Judah Smith)

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Judah Smith - "Jesus is not your accuser. He�s not your prosecutor. He�s not your judge. He�s your...". jesus, jesus-christ

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Sooner or later, willpower and education and good manners just won't be enough. / Jesus sees our sin more clearly than anyone, yet he loves us more than anyone. / Sin is simply not a problem for God.

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Judah Smith 2017, Church Like Home - Part 2

#JesusIs #judahsmith (proud to say he was my pastor!!)

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“Sometimes, we need to put aside projects and schedules for the sake of people. Like Jesus, we need to be interruptable.” – from the book “Jesus Is” by Pastor Judah Smith

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"Jesus didn’t care about the scandal, He cared about the scandalous." Pastor Judah Smith, "Jesus Is"

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