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joe dempsie. first skins, now game of thrones. would put a HURTIN on him.

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Joe Dempsie

Joe Dempsie, Gendry from Game of Thrones- Blonde or brunette-looks damn good

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With Fellow Skins Actor Joe Dempsie at the EE and Esquire Pre-BAFTAs Party

Pin for Later: You'll Definitely Want Money Monster's Jack O'Connell to Be Your New Best Mate With Fellow Skins Actor Joe Dempsie at the EE and Esquire Pre-BAFTAs Party

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Just scrollin' through while waiting to leave for the train to head to Germany, and I FIND THIS.

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Joe Dempsie (Game of thrones) basically Christian Bale's bastard son...

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Brandon Holmes:Team Leader. Abilities:Marksman,agility,Enhanced Strength,Accelerated Healing. Code Name: Slingshot (21,played by joe dempsie)

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lskfjlskd so perfect I could cry.

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Gendry - apodado el Toro, a causa de su yelmo, es uno de los hijos bastardos del rey Robert Baratheon, nacido de la empleada de una taberna.

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joe dempsie - Google-søgning Mehr

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Joe Dempsie. I have such a crush. Mehr

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Joe Dempsie aka Game of Thrones' Gendry

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joseph dempsie | Picture of Joe Dempsie

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Joe Dempsie

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Oh this boy :) Gendry <3 (click it!)

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Joe Dempsie for Topman Generation

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Maisie Williams & Joe Dempsie (Arya & Gendry) Game of thrones

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Joe Dempsie was looking dapper last night at the #houseoffraser and Shortlist #lcmclosingparty last night!

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Joe Dempsie from Game of Thrones and Skins. Interview here:

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Gendry ~ Game of Thrones

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Kaya Scodelario & Joe Dempsie

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Joe Dempsie Photoshot for British GQ / Gendry Waters Baratheon /

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