"Allow the diversity to exist. There is nothing wrong with it. Hell, we put up with the religious right? We can put up with transgendered human beings." Jessica Lange

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Jessica Lange---love her in American Horror Story! although this pic is prob about 30 years prior to her role as "Constance"...

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jessica lange & sarah paulson they are truly FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode on AHS: Coven. Now that's class...

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Jessica Lange, one of my idols. TRUE beauty (this was taken when Photoshop wasn't an option and wasn't needed anyway), class, intelligence... if I could be reincarnated as any woman, this would be who I'd pick.

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JACK NICHOLSON on Jessica Lange: "She is like a delicate fawn, but crossed with a Buick."

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Nunsense: Jessica Lange of American Horror Story: Coven panel discussion on Friday in Beverly Hills, California 1 Aug 2013

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Isn't Jessica Lange stunning? Repin if you're obsessed with American Horror Story or you just love this Golden Globe nominated actress like we do!

Sarah Paulson was happy about costar Jessica Lange's Emmy win at the Fox/FX bash.

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