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Jeff the killer cosplay by HazyCosplayer

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Jeff the killer

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.:Smile - Jeff The Killer:. by on @deviantART

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beautifully written Jeff...... “sighs setting kindle down" I'd just have two words for the person who wrote this....... FUCK YES!!!! “throws kindle down and smiles. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HE WOULD WRITE.....

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Jeff the killer reflection<<< is it bad that I find Jeff the Killer attractive?.....<<no cuz i do

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Jeff why must you be so hot in this picture?

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Jeff the killer - "Lock me up, chain me down, but you will never turn my smile into a frown"

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Jeff the Killer; Creepypasta

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Pyschopath killer is here <3 More

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Yo: -.- J*****!//me : F**** you!-_-

Yo: -.- J*****!//me : F**** you!-_-

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Creepypasta eyes. Ben Drowned, Jeff The Killer, Jason The Toy Maker, Slen... Well...

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Jeff. Stop licking your knife. Jeff, you're going to hurt yourself. JEFF, STAPH.

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Insanity! - Insanity!

"Insanity!" by Jeff_is__AWESOME__ - "This story's about a 23 year old girl named Daniela Charm. She just moved into a house in the middle…" NOT BY ME

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Jeff the Killer by first-neko on DeviantArt

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Eyeless Jack + Jeff the Killer = Eyeless Jeff OH MAH GAWD!?!?!?! That's awesome!!!!!! *~*

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Jeff the killer: "We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized... they're inside of us.

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creepy pasta card end card jeff the killer by gatanii69 on deviantART

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jeff the killer i am beautiful | Jeff The Killer (Am I Beautiful?) by Kim-Tam on deviantART

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Jeff the killer is one of my biggest motivations because of the depth behind him. He has so much history and a touching story. The motivation I get from him isn't necessarily from him, it's from his story and the depth within it. The way it is written captivates you, introduces the main character as the bad guy. However, as the story progresses, you can't help but feel bad for the character and he seems less like the bad guy but a victim of himself.

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