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Celý svět šílí z tohoto japonského tvarohového koláče, který je jen ze 3 ingrediencí

11 chi-chi-dango-mochi

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Pineberries and cream? The new summer fruit which looks like a white strawberry... but tastes like a pineapple

Pineberries, the shape and texture of a strawberry with the flavor and smell closer to a pineapple. Discovered wild in South America and rescued from extinction by Dutch farmers.

Hishi Mochi Rare Cheesecake Hishi mochi is actually a diamond-shaped rice cake which consists of a red, white and green layer and is completely made of mochi. Recipe Courtesy of Mokiko of - Please visit for more recipes!


How To Make Fruit Sushi At Home... So Easy And Vegan-Friendly!

PEANUT BUTTER MOCHI - gluten free (even if it says glutinous rice flour its gluten free I promise)

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Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Crisps

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Crisps Love it?  Pin it to SAVE it! Follow Spend With Pennies on Pinterest for more great recipes! I need to be able to give this recipe a 100 star rating... it's THAT good and so easy!  This is perfect as an appetizer, snack,...