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Janel Parrish (Mona from Pretty Little Liars)

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Hey guys! Looks like I regenerated! So my name is Janel (Janel Parrish is face claim) I'm 25 with 2 kids and pregnant with my third. I'm married to Val (Her DWTS partner) and I'm a photographer, blogger, and dancer! Thanks!

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Janel's makeup is gorgeous! | Pretty Little Liars

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janel parrish love the placement

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Janel Parrish plays Mona on PLL, and i remember her when she was young on star search! I'm so proud of her!!!

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Janel Parrish look fiercely awesome

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Janel Parrish of #pll

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Janel's curls are the perfect match with her outfit! | Pretty Little Liars

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