James Franco, Freaks and Geeks http://www.shoutfactory.com/?q=node/175769

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James Franco Franco on ihana ensinnä sen takia, että aina ei tiedä onko kuvassa se vai James Dean. Ni.

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sigh....I miss Freaks and Geeks

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James Franco...Captain Louis Renault Franco is best known for his raunchy, yet hilarious sense of humor. Like the captain, he makes remarks regarding as to what is going on in the scene. They are funny remarks and get the audience laughing.

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James Franco. I KEEP PINNING HIM. but hes so attractive. and talented. and smart. and attractive.

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#men #photography #JamesFranco

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I'm in love with James Franco's smile

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Its been bugging me for months who James Franco is and ive only just realised hes in Oz The Great And Powerful, holy fuck he is beautiful

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James Franco reads, writes and played Allen Ginsberg!

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