Possible reference for Mr. Obsidian? Not sure how Nate imagines him, but I think he^ looks like Nate a little :3

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Luke was cool...and then he went evil. He was still cool...but I had to dislike him out of duty to Percy and Annabeth.

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((I mean yeah it's from The Host but I mean, it's still Jake Abel)) I'm Adam, I'm Sam and Dean's half brother, but I'm by no means a Winchester. So don't call me that. I was in hell because of them, but now I'm out.

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Cuteness3 Jake abel

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"Jake Abel. Little Adam Winchester has grown up nicely." Well... we wouldn't know, we haven't seen him in a few years.

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Jake Abel is so funny. And if you look at the right time, you can see Jensen's cute laugh. ;)

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Jake Abel hellooo ;)

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Max Irons and Jake Abel. K this movie sucked but these two are lovely... PLUS I think jake sometimes has this Kevin Bacon look (is it just me???!)

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Jake Abel Photos - Jake Abel Signing Autographs After Leaving The Set - Zimbio

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Jake Abel. I loved him before The Host. He was Adam in Supernatural. :)

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