Jack Russell Terrier puppy :-) Winston!

I think we got ourselves a purebred jack Russell from the pound! He was damaged goods, so his owner probably dumped him,

Jack needs one for his walks when it's cold! This looks just like him!

Mary's dog, Muttley, was a little jealous of her lamb. He thought dressing up like one might help, but he was just a "woof" in sheeps clothing!

Милейший Джек Рассел Терьер интересуется как у вас дела :) #dog #pets #JackRussellTerrier http://www.ria.com/Pets/Dogs-puppies/terrier/jack-russel/

That face!

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20 Jack Russell Terrier Dogs Photos You Will Love

i quite like the position that the dog is in. id like to draw this dog and create a half drop pattern with it. my jack russel in balck and tanned so id changed the colour of this dog to suit my original idea


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20 Things All Jack Russell Owners Must Never Forget. The Last One Brought Me To Tears…Here are important life lessons that are sometimes easy to forget in our hectic lives, that all Jack Russell owners must never forget.

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