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Ireland’s Ancient East: Why You Should Go And What You Can't Miss

What if I told you there’s an enticing, photogenic portion of Ireland, wedged between Cork and Northern Ireland, that holds some of the country’s most significant historic sites? Where history goes back 5000 years and where lush meadows are awash with ancient abbeys and stately castles? Welcome to Ireland’s Ancient East. #travel #IrelandsAncientEast #Ireland


The Mourne Mountains, County Down

The Great Wall of – County Down? The Mourne Mountains are crisscrossed by endless, weaving dry-stone walls, like a patchwork stitch that stretches across the length and breadth of this island. Many were built during famine times; still more were built by farmers clearing land by digging stones from the soil itself, then expertly stacking them to divide land, protect livestock, and impose a semblance of order on the wild landscape of Ireland.