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I love violins to much!! Especially this one!!

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A Clear Choice: CRYSTAL #Pianos Are Anything But Classic #homedecor .. I don't know how to play the piano but this would make a def add on to my future home

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OMG, why have a boyfriend when you can have this? "Mom, dad, umm, I don't really…

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Janet Horvath on

I'd like to Play this it would be so cool but you'd probably need a spinny chair or two people!!! So neat!!

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Ukulele Design - The Sea by vivsters ( )

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Seahorse Harp. Which is the main event here...the look or the music? Hard to tell...

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peacocks cello --- peacocks are bad luck in our family, but the cello has been played by every generation

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NMM 7316. The Utley Collection Custom Shop trumpet by Andy Taylor, Norwich, 1998.

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This reminds me of that one time Dillon was playing and his fingers started bleeding but he just kept playing.

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Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters 2x01 "The Guilty Blood"

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