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Don't know about the homework one but everything else is spot on.

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See this Instagram photo by @i_am_infp • 19 likes

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INFP Give me the box, I make something out of it. It's that mean I'm thinking outside the box? But the box is no more when I cut it to pieces.. Hmmm...

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This pretty much sums it up

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cough it out. the front bottoms.

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INFP Thoughts (@INFP_Thoughts) | Twitter

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Definitely need this some days. Whenever I'm feeling really down about myself it always helps to read over this list and focus on positive things about myself. ♥

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Sums it up, I want all of these features in my future home

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Five Stages of INFP | INFP Blog Five Stages of INFP | Thoughts on the INFP Personality Type from an INFP

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Famous INFPs: the dreamers Famous INFPs chart INFP celebrity chart

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