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Avery Julia. She is human. She is an orphan, and distrustful of people. But, she is a normally happy and upbeat person who enjoys social interaction. She is going to film school to become a screenwriter.

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Love her hair and her Dress! - Indiana Evans from the movie Blue Lagoon The Awakening

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"-No puedo mirarte a los ojos, Alejandra-Comenta mientras observamos como la ciudad se extiende bajo nuestros pies, siento sus manos recorrer mi espalda y no puedo evitar gemir. -¿Por qué?- Me atrevo a preguntar. -Porque, entonces siento algo que no había sentido nunca. Y asusta"

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Indiana evans

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Indiana Evans <3

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Indiana Evans For more visit:

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Daisy is a sweet, beautiful girl that doesn't talk much. She works at the little ice cream shop on the beach and your character is intrigued by her sweet charm. (Keep it clean. Please be a guy.)

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Tessa's winter outfit found it

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Indiana Evans}::Tessa Young:: Tessa gets good grades, was raised by a single mother. She was taught to judge anyone different, anyone at all punk, anyone who isn't like her. Her dad was an alcoholic and left when she was ten years old.

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