‘’ I LOVE LUCY’’ I always wondered as a kid how did this apt look in color. This is the actual set saved in a museum

"I LOVE LUCY’’ I always wondered how this apartment looked in color. This is the actual set saved in a museum

Lol, pretty much how I feel! The faces of Lucille Ball

The wonderful faces of Lucy. I know "I Love Lucy"

Lucille Ball is one of my favorite actresses.  Love this - I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy [Clothing/iPhone/iPod/Stickers] by annalise

I love Lucy❤️

Everybody Loves Lucy❤️❤❤

Lucy Learns to Sew - Hilarious episode!  Quilting & Sewing Humor

I Love Lucy: Lucy & Ethel - Lucy Learns to Sew - BuzzinBumble: Vintage Sewing & Fun

Lucille ball -it was this quote that changed me. I still carry this close to my heart since my late teens. :)

I love lucy star lucielle ball I love her so much!

I Love Lucy :-). This is so how I feel sometimes

Scary Lucille Ball Statue Sculptor Apologizes for "Unsettling" Work

Ah, the signature I Love Lucy face.

Ah, the Vitameatavegamin episode! One of the best!

I Love Lucy - Vitameatavegamin. My favorite episode. Lucy and Ethel.

Best meme of all time.

I Love Lucy admire

I Love Lucy: Ricky loses his voice

i love lucy funny - Bing Image lol I would have said the same thing to him

This angel tho

How I Love Lucy Revolutionized TV Forever

i love lucy funny - Bing Images

Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor

I Love Lucy. One of my all time favorite shows! I almost ALWAYS love Lucy and Ethel's dresses!

21 Wonderful Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of "I Love Lucy" - Buzzfeed

21 Wonderful Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of "I Love Lucy"

This is my absolute favorite episode! Desi licks the chocolate off Lucille’s face after she finished filming the classic chocolate factory scene.

YES!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Squad Goals: Lucy & Ricky and Fred & Ethel

The opening titles of "I Love Lucy" were based on the diamond-encrusted, heart-shaped lapel Desi Arnaz gave Lucille Ball on her 29th birthday.

I Love Lucy Still watch and will always watch. One thing for sure, there will never be another Lucille Ball.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 43 Pics

Funny pictures about Lucy Understands Me. Oh, and cool pics about Lucy Understands Me. Also, Lucy Understands Me photos.