Gerberian Shepsky - German Shepard/Siberian Husky mix <3

Gerberian Shepsky, my future dog (German Shepherd Husky mix) ~ Beautiful dog. My first dog was German Shepherd & Australian Shepherd. I was 17 and her name was Free, because that's what I wanted her to be. I love German Shepherd mix dogs the best.

Australian Cattle Dog/Siberian Husky Mix. dogsandpupsdaily

look at this beautiful dog looks like a cattle dog heeler husky ish cross wooooowww I am going to be a crazy dog lady

My favourite mix: the Goberian! - Imgur

Goberian mutts are my favourite (Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky)

Gorgeous Golden Retriever Husky Mix!

Siberian Husky - Outgoing and Cheeky

19 Breathtaking Husky and Golden Retriever Mixes Mix Cross Breed Goberian Goberians BowWow Times Crossed Cute Siberian Huskies Check This Out Doggies need this stuff!

This German Shepherd/Husky mix is huge.

This German Shepherd/Husky mix is huge. <----actually its an Alaskan malamute

Siberian husky/German Shepherd mix.

Siberian Huskies are often mixed with other breeds.This cute puppy has unique and beautiful eyes that are similar with huskies and fluffy dense coat that gives it a German shepherd look.This is a German Shepherd husky mix

Okay I am officially in love with this, an akita husky mix!! Akita  body with the blue husky eyes <3

Okay I am officially in love with this, an akita husky mix! Akita body with the blue husky eyes. It's like the most beautiful thing ever

Chow-chow and Husky Mix

Kuma is Japanese for 'bear' because he looks like a little bear cub. He's a chow chow and husky mix.

So I was looking at them all straight face in awe then the last one My eyes were literally like BOOM.

Dog cross-breeds

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