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And why is it 20k+ to adopt all of these unwanted kids anyway?

Obviously adopting a child is more involved than adopting a dog, (adoption process is another argument). 'I don't want kids, various reasons and overpopulation. That's silly. 'My dog is spayed.

There is nothing wrong with parenthood; that said, I am tired of the judgement because I have chosen not to go down that path.

stop encouraging people to have children if they don't want to. We are overpopulated and destructive as a species.

Save the earth .....(from us.) We destroy it... We can change... I still want to think we can change and stop act like a poison virus to Earth...

2017 worldwide quakes, hurricanes, tornados, fires heat waves, etc! And the most powerful solar flare ever recorded!

Yeah but they kinda make it sound like all straight people abandoned their children. That's not true, and even if they do, there's usually a good reason like they can't pay for the child's needs

I mean gay people can have biological children with a surrogate mother or sperm donor. But this is still very true as many gay people adopt.

Worldwide, 1 out of every 337 people are modern-day slaves. On average, that 1 slave cost somebody $90 but generates over $7,000 in profits every year.

really just a brief exploration of modern slavery worldwide, before finding more research to narrow down to UAE (ie World Cup Stadium was build with modern slaves)

Help us protect the lungs of our planet.

"All of us should play our individual role, (& duty) to help protect the lungs of our planet! After all, we humans are only 'custodians' of Planet Earth during our lifetime here." (A Personal message from: Lynn.

An incredible way to look at the distribution of people over the earth. It's scary and awesome at the same time. And it's bizarre that New Jersey got mentioned! We have a densely populated state, but where I live, in central/south New Jersey, it is full of open space. We have land between villages and towns. Hmm. Hard to grasp.

If the population suddenly changed…

Earth isn't feeling so well...

A Disease Called Humans: A Creative Comic About The Earth

How Humans Run the Earth: World Population Growth infographic. Lots of interesting (and surprising) info! #infographic #populationgrowth #worldstats

How Humans Run The Earth: Tracking our population explosion and the effects it has on our world (and each other)