Horns Tutorial 2 by Demireius on DeviantArt

Since my old Horns tutorial was so popular, I decided to finally make a better one! I feel it's a lot clearer, plus has some neat texture and .

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Various Greek myths account for Scylla's origins and fate. Scylla was a beautiful naiad who was claimed by Poseidon, but the jealous Amphitrite turned her into a monster by poisoning the water of the spring where Scylla would bathe.

artist-refs: Fantasy horn ref by Law-of-Murph ----------------- The different styles and angles I think helps a lot when trying to pick what type you want to use.

fefbutts: “artist-refs: “Fantasy horn ref by Law-of-Murph ” *homestucks furiously reppining this for reference * ”

Paige: We are considering creating a new character and lore; the character resembling Lucifer; so we want them to have horns.

the-call-du-vide: “ helpyoudraw: “ Various Animal Horns from The Pictorial Dictionary (ed. Keith and Clothilde Sutton) ” I’m going to draw a Tiefling for every one of these horn types.

ArtStation - V-beautyrender, Zhelong XU

This horn as a sword or axe would be awesome. ArtStation - V-beautyrender, Zhelong XU

Mountain Goat - Binomial Name: Capra nubiana Origin: Mountainous areas of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt Height: 75 cm Weight: 50 kilograms Horns: I meter Diet: Grasses and leaves Predators: Eagles, Bearded vultures and leopards Features: This diurnal creature is a desert-dwelling goat that can be found in mountainous regions of Asia and Africa.

The Iberian Ibex or wild goat (Capra pyrenaica) is one of the species of goats from the genus Capra that exist in Europe.

Ok, I know this is photoshopped, but you have to ❤ the idea of it.  And the interesting horn things the crow  sports in the final frame...

A crow riding an eagle