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Balloons, kolekce tvarově elementárních a zároveň nadčasových svítidel připomínajících horkovzdušné balóny, fascinuje krásou foukaného skla ve velkém objemu i vznášejícím se reflektorem uvnitř.

How is this for a quirky honeymoon activity: a balloon safari! At least I'd be sure that L wouldn't get eaten by lions... ;)

A hot air balloon shaped like a rabbit being inflated.


Wicked hot air ballon from Arizona festival

[2013 Balloon] Though she may seem scary, we are assured she is a nice witch! Welcome Sarah the Witch as she returns to fly through Albuquerue skies this October with her pilot Steven Wilkinson of Palm Desert, California.

od Hot Air Balloon Photos

The Owl Balloon

The new Owl balloon flying during a mass ascension at the 2014 Balloon Fiesta. The special shape certainly looks like a wise owl.


Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico- a festival of Color