I already do this but w.out the book. Adding the book cover is just genius and so cute and clever!

Use old book cover. Collect Christmas cards or fill it with Christmas photos of family!I LOVE this ideUse old book cover. Collect Christmas cards or fill it with Christmas photos of family!

greeting card inventory storage

Greeting Card Inventory Storage

Keeping Your Cards Organized                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Keeping Your Cards Organized

Organized keepsake cards using binder rings. I have tons of old cards:-)

Paper art project | Lee Steiner, ClothPaperScissors.com- make  a book using old greeting cards

Make It: Greeting Card Keepsake Book

This would be an awesome way to save all of the cards I get for showers and when baby girl arrives!

In a Creative Bubble: China Travel Mini-book - Part 2 (Do this with Greeting cards?

Christmas card storage. A great way to keep cards for all holidays!

This would be fun to save Christmas cards from the years and make a cover that says the year. Then each year when getting out Christmas directions, look at old Christmas card pictures.

Make your own adorable greeting card organizer with your portable Epson label maker with iphone app! Sort your cards by month for easy access!

Greeting Card Organizer for Every Month

Using can be an easy way to keep your paper stuff stored and organized. one of the foremost storage organization located in the USA, offers quality-rich binders to keep your material completely enclosed and dust free preventing them from falling out.

Several ideas for long term storage of greeting cards or Christmas cards from: CLEAN MAMA

20 Creative Scrapbooking Storage Solutions: Store Your Images - Store your prints in archival photo boxes to keep them in perfect condition while they wait to be scrapped. Create tabs for each topic or time range, making it easy to return to later.