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Until the very end ⚡️

How to change your eye color? Change your eye color online. How to change eye color naturally? Change eye your color with surgery.

{{@supernovasunset}} Bright Spring or Bright Winter

I have had super green eyes my hole life and never knew they were rare till now 👀

During the Dark Ages, if you had green eyes you were thought to be a witch. Most often times put to death just for this. The belief was partly due to the fact that this is the eye color of cat's who were involved with witches.

My friend DREW this! No classes, no nothing! Just her and paper and a couple pencils! That's talent, right there!

Is this a pretty girl with freckles? Yes. Does she have green eyes? Yes! Brown hair? Yes!! Thank you. Finally.

Sardas maquiagem básica olhos verdes rímel Is this a pretty girl with freckles? Does she have green eyes?

Forest green eyes (the color of eyes I believe I have).

Before they took her eyes, before they took everything, Alaya's eyes used to be green. A healthy, vibrant green that her cousin said looked like the jungle.