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Not a huge gamer, but Grand Theft Auto Five is going to be great.

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Amazing Grand Theft Auto Videogame Fan Art by Patrick Brown

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

One of the few video games that I love: GTA Vice City.

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GTA4 (+ Episodes from Liberty City) - Rockstar

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Amazing Comic Illustrations by Patrick Brown

Dawnhack games:

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Grand Theft Auto. Which team would win?

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Grand Theft Auto Springfield

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Secret FIB base in GTA V

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GTA V is one of the best game i have ever played.

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IGN's Favorite Grand Theft Auto Characters. None of these are my favorite characters though. My opinion is irrelevant though. As usual.

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Anuncio Grand Theft Auto IV

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Dit is gta V ik heb deze foto gekozen omdat dit mijnlievelingsspel is.

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I'd like to do something similar but with other people. More About Us:

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The 23 Funniest Examples of Grand Theft Auto Logic

Funniest GTA Logic | Best Grand Theft Auto Memes of All Time

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Franklin GTA V

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Grand Theft Auto III

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