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Vampire and if you are one of the lucky ones, you will not wake once you have tasted the vampire's kiss.....dixie bahma

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Sexy Gothic Art | home sonstiges gothic gothic vorheriges bild nächstes bild

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Eternal Regret by *Georgina-Gibson on deviantART

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Vampire Bride by on @deviantART

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I'd like to find him on a stroll through the woods or the cemetery...

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Gothic Love | Gothic Love Pictures

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Mas Vampiro love Google+

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Morden, Della's absent father /// [[Arkzënkiel Belforanthor]]

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I will love you more than the sun adores the flower, more than the wind cherishes the rain. My heart will forever beat for yours, my midnight sun. My sunlit day.

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Join us also on facebook.

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