Goku - Ultra Instinct - Migatte no Gokui by XYelkiltroX

Goku - Ultra Instinct - Migatte no Gokui by XYelkiltroX

naironkr.deviantart.com/galler… twitter.com/naironkr Por favor, si utilizáis este render pongan créditos. Please, if you use this render give me credits.

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I dunno why, but I kinda like these new Super Saiyan colors that keep appearing. xP UPDATE I updated the colors by taking them straight from the anime.

todas las fases de goku

Transformaciones De Goku

Goku by ~bpsola on deviantART(from http://magion02.deviantart.com/art/Goku-394853240)

amazing athletic biceps bpsola dragon_ball dragon_ball_z fire flying hair humanoid lightning long_hair male muscular not_furry pecs saiyan solo son_goku super_saiyan vein

Goku fondo de pantalla

Goku fondo de pantalla

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Finally watching Dragon Ball (not.lol) I told my coworker that it was too scary looking, so I am getting conditioned to not be afraid anymore lol! Turns out it's fairly great, there's absolutely no consistency in this world and Goku has a thing f

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Son Goku < -- The Crazy Monkey King < -- > And JU-DO was one of the main interdiction from which there is no escape!

Goku taught me to never give up and always eat before fighting an strong opponents!!! - Visit now for 3D Dragon Ball Z shirts now on sale!

I put this in my pin board because it's inspiring and relevant to the dragon ball series.